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Nuclear pore membrane precision filtration materialjointly researched and developed by Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese of Academy of Science and Shanghai GUCH Nuclear Pore Membrane Technology Co., Ltd,is domestic originality and world leader material, Which have been introduced into Sichuan, China in the form of Nuclear pore membrane pollution ventilation window screen by Risunning Energy-conservation Materials Co., Ltd.

As a kind of high-precision filtration material, nuclear pore membrane is widely used in air purification, water filtration, sewage treatment, food and pharmaceutical industry filtration, cancer cell detection and anti-counterfeiting identification. The filtration accuracy of nuclear pore membrane materials can reach 99.99%, which fully meets the urgent needs of low energy consumption, high efficiency, economical and practical, energy saving and environmental protection in industrial and civil fields.

RISUNING develop various high efficiency air purification devices without power consumption - multifunctional air purifying screen window based on nuclear pore membrane pollution ventilation window screen. This multifunctional air purifying screen window can efficiently prevent the outdoor pollutant such as PM2.5from entering the rooms. When the indoor oxygen concentration decreases, the outdoor oxygen will flow into the rooms; while the indoors formaldehyde, excess carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, benzene series and other harmful gases,diseases and radioactive substance will discharge to the outside through the screen micro-pore according to concentration diffusion principle, thereby creating oxygen sufficient and fresh natural air environment indoor, truly achieve anti-pollution and ventilation, which makes people enable open the window all the year.

Risunning Energy-conservation Materials Co., Ltd, Risunning for short, was registered in 2005, with regard the energy saving, environmental protection and health industry as the develop direction. Whose main steps are photovoltaic power generation system and ancillary devices, air purification and water filtration products.

As the close partner of Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese of Academy of Science and Shanghai GUCH Nuclear Pore Membrane Technology Co., Ltd, Risunning research and develop, produce and sell various multi-functional pollution ventilation screen windows, air purifying screen. And provide drinking water filter, sewage treatment and industrial dust removal with sets of equipment development and technical services.

Honesty, Quality, Innovation and Service " is the mission of Risunning, We sincerely hope to establish a long-term and friendly cooperative relationship with all of our customers, and share the healthy life, win-win development results!

青海环境能源交易所 光伏电站投资回报计算器 全国PM2.5及空气质量指数(AQI)