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Risunning Energy-conservation Materials Co., Ltd was registered in 2005, with regard the energy saving, environmental protection and health industry as the develop direction. 

Risuning have developed air filtration and purification equipment, such as air purification windows and light air system by using new filter materials for instance nuclear pore filter membrane, ion filter membrane and breathable glass.

Air purification window and light air system can effectively eliminate the hazard caused by excessive indoor carbon dioxide and other harmful gases can’t be discharged out of the roomsnaturally in time, let outdoor fresh air keeping flowing into indoors constantly, and restrain the harmful particulate such as PM2.5, dust and pollen enter into indoors, so as to achieve the obvious effect of air permeability and not stuffy.The unique thermal insulation, windproof, rainproof and purified air let the air purification window to own natural health breathing function, creating a healthy and comfortable living space withoutclosing window and have enough oxygen throughout the year.

“Honesty, Quality, Innovation and Service” is our mission,We sincerely hope to establish a long-term and friendly cooperative relationship with all of our customers, and share healthy life, win-win development results.

青海环境能源交易所 光伏电站投资回报计算器 全国PM2.5及空气质量指数(AQI)